Box contents :-
Three BB mounts,
Four polyurethane inserts,
Bearing carrier complete with bearing,
Stub shaft
2 cap head bolts M10 x 30 With nyloc nuts and washers
2 cap head bolts M10 x 80 with nuts and washers
2 cap head bolts M8 x 30 with washers.
3 cap head bolts M8 x 25 with nyloc nuts and washers
1 socket grub screw M8 x 40
4 cap head bolts M8 x 16 with washers
6 cap head bolts M8 For bearing carrier
Long series 4mm Allen key
The kit, as supplied, is made up of three major items:-
1/ a set of 3 bevel box mountings.

Approximate fitting time 8 hours

The three mountings are supplied loosely assembled with all fasteners in position plus two replacement socket cap head screws M8 x 30 Long for the attachment of the top mount to the bevel box casing and two bolts for the handbrake assembly M8 x 80 long These mountings replace the factory fitted NVH kit. If the NVH kit has not been fitted to your vehicle you do not need the new mounts although they may reduce the bevel box whine a little. This part of the kit may be fitted without the other two items. Fitting the new bevel box mounts in place of the factory NVH kit will greatly reduce the vibration felt on acceleration and totally eliminate any loud bangs and jerks which may occur on hard acceleration. If you do not intend to do the whole installation in one go then fit the bevel box mounts first.

2/ a set of 4 shock absorber inserts.
Approximate fitting time for inserts and bearing/stub shaft 20 hours.

The inserts must not be fitted in conjunction with the factory NVH kit, to do so will result in increased vibration due to the bevel box movement. Fitting the inserts without the intermediate shaft support bearing may result in damage to the intermediate shaft and its bearings.

3/ the intermediate shaft support bearing and stub shaft.

Supplied with the bearing pressed in to its aluminium housing. Plus six socket cap head screws M8 x ??. Long to fix it in to the Centa coupling outer rotor. It is my opinion that without this support bearing the intermediate shaft is not well enough supported. The extra support is even more important if you fit my shock absorber inserts so please - do not fit the inserts without the support bearing.