Morgan three wheeler compensator.

The first Morgan three wheelers, affectionately called the 5 speeder, used a Cush drive arrangement similar to the ones used on Many old English motorcycles. This Cush drive is usually referred to as the compensator. The Morgan three wheeler compensator had three major components, the driven cam, the driving cam and the spring. The compensator cams are face cams, in other words the mating faces of the compensator cams are perpendicular to the engine crankshaft axis. The spring pushes the compensator cams together to transmit the rotational force to the clutch in a cushioned manner due to the cams being able to ride up each other, thus compressing the spring. These first Morgan three wheeler compensators worked in both directions both to cushion the driving force and the braking force produced on deceleration. Many problems were reported and the Morgan three wheeler compensator was replaced with the Centa flexible coupling which has been retro fitted to most, if not all, of the 5 speeder Morgan three wheelers.